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Imagine that you’ve landed on a website with the sole intention of booking the blogger for a job. You head to their main menu in search of their Services page, only to realize they don’t have one in an obvious place. Suddenly you’re involved in a scavenger hunt that you didn’t sign up for.

When you finally get to the page, you notice it’s pretty bare: a few logos here, a couple bullet points there. You skim the page for some details that make you believe the blogger is the right fit for your campaign. Again, you don’t find many arguments in their favor. Exasperated, you look for a contact email to at least send a generic invite. But you can’t find that either. Next thing you know, you’re back in the scavenger hunt. Instead, this time, you’re on a new website, repeating the whole process.

Rule of the day: don’t be like the blogger in the above example.

Here’s You Need on Your Services Page

We’re living in a saturated market where bloggers and influencers are competing for campaigns and struggling to stand out among the sea of equally-creative people. Instead of making it harder for brands to book you for campaigns, why not make it easier? Here are some suggestions for how you can use your Services page to convert visitors into clients.

1 – Lead with a statement that confirms your reader is in the right place

Start strong by setting the intention for your page with a value-packed headline that speaks to your ideal audience. Keep this section focused on the purpose of the page. You can choose to be persuasive (“We’re changing the way the world views travel”) or you can keep it simple (“Let’s work together.”) Either way, you want to let someone know right away that they have landed on a partnership/services page.

2 – Be sure to state your elevator pitch

If there ever were the perfect time to use an elevator pitch, it would be now. Share a description of your blog and brand that touches on the basics: who you are, what you do, and why you do it. For example… We are a ______ that helps ______ achieve ______. In one short sentence, you’ve laid the groundwork for stating your expertise.

3 – Share an easy-to-skim biography with the basics

Go ahead, don’t be shy, now is the time to introduce yourself in greater depths. Try to keep the biography focused: your name, your location, your niche, your email. You can also share your origin story – why you started your blog, who your audience is, and where you’re heading in the next little bit. *Don’t forget to share a personable headshot here!


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4 – Support your case with persuasive social proof

Now that you’ve introduced yourself, beef up the page with some social proof. If you’ve worked with brands or participated in collaborations in the past, showcase your past work. One of the most effective ways to sell yourself is have someone else do it for you 🤣 That’s why testimonials are so powerful to have on your website. Common ways to add social proof to your Services page: logos from past collabs, testimonials, screenshots with kind words, or even portfolio images.

5 – Highlight the key services you provide

Bullet-point lists tend to be the go-to method for showing services. But what if I told you that method was doing your business a disservice? Instead of listing every service you offer, instead shine the spotlight on your BEST services. If there are keywords for what you offer, like brand photography or social media management, use them.

6 – Close it out with a strong call to action

Say it with me now: ask for the sale. Before anyone clicks away from your Work With Me page, you need to give them a way to get in touch. People don’t take action unless you tell them what to do. You can do this with a form, a button, bold text, or at the very least, an image that says, “Want to work together? Send me an email!”

7 – Add a link to your main menu so it’s easy to find!

Last but not least, your Services page need to be in your main menu if you want it to be a main point of your business. If it’s not in that main menu, it’s not going to be easily found. Period. To add a new menu item in WordPress, simply head over to Appearance > Menus while logged into your dashboard and add your Work With Me page to the navigation.