Suzi on the Move

Introducing this travel content creator website design for Suzi on the Move. This down-to-earth, outdoorsy website brings inspiration for unique stays & unexpected destinations to spark your next travel and adventure plans.

For her brand colors, we went with a neutral palette inspired by the California desert. These colors work together in harmony to create a laidback brand identity, while still looking polished and professional.

Together, we created a website that is easy to navigate and filled with adventure inspiration. You’ll find everything you need to plan your next trip on her custom Destinations page.

We also created unique and strategic pages to showcase her travel guides, accommodation recommendations, and travel content creation services.

Be sure to visit Suzi on the Move to start planning your bucket-list trip!

About the travel content creator

Suzi on the Move is a travel content creation website that provides travel and adventure itineraries, hiking guides, and accommodation tips for outdoor enthusiasts.

With a focus on California travel, Suzi on the Move spends countless hours researching travel ideas – so you don’t have to.

Suzi on the Move also provides travel content creation and social media management services for outdoorsy brands.

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