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Dreamworthy Desktop Presets



Ready to get that dreamy look on all of your photos? Edit from wherever with these stunning Lightroom desktop presets.

This pack includes 8 easy-to-use presets that were designed to add a dreamy element to your images. With one click, you’ll be able to transform your images. Editing on the go? Check out the dreamworthy mobile preset pack, too!


La Jolla – best used for natural lighting, this preset is perfect for the beach, park, or ocean.

Moonlight – get the signature dreamy look by adding purple tones to your sunsets.

Mystic – inspired by crisp mornings, add a cool tone to your images with this stunner.

Nomad – indoor photos need love, too. this preset is bright and light with a wanderlust vibe.

Orchard – your golden hour bff, helping you become a sunkissed goddess.

Renfrew – made for the wild, this preset is ideal for backpacking, camping or forest frolicking.

Salish – because you can never have too many golden hour photos.

Saturna – pink and purple hues for sunsets you’ll never forget.


  • 8 mobile-ready Lightroom presets
  • In-depth desktop installation guide
  • Preset pairing guide to for optimal use

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La Jolla








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