Outdoorsy Gals

It was a pleasure to work with Outdoorsy Gals on the website design and brand strategy for their outdoor adventure community. We worked together to create a seamless website experience for adventure lovers who are looking for gear guides, travel itineraries, and outdoor content.

The Objective

Outdoorsy Gals is a community for adventure lovers based in San Diego, California. Their founder was looking for a website design and brand to match their popular social media identity which exploded on TikTok. We needed to create a website design that felt effortless, approachable, and of course, outdoorsy, to attract more members into the adventure community.

Laptop screen showing website design mockup ofadventure community

Working with Gariele was amazing! She provided great feedback throughout our web design process and was patient with me. The whole process was easy and organized, and in the end we received a beautiful website that we’ve gotten SO many compliments on!


The Solution

We created a strategic website design and brand strategy to grow the Outdoorsy Gals community. Adventure lovers can easily find detailed gear guides and product reviews. Beyond that, community members can access travel itineraries for upcoming events and group trips!

The Standout Moment

Everything is seamless from start to finish, but the stand-out moment for me is the larger-than-life image at the top of the home page, with an overlaying text box to add dimension and texture.

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