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Feminine Custom Website for Lifestyle Influencer Natalie Anastasia

The Brand Story

Have you ever fallen in love with a website design? Because I’m pretty sure I just did… Cue the heart eyes, because this post is going to be one for the books. I knew going into this project that Natalie’s website would be something out of a dream. Her previous website was called Pastels and Passports (I know, heart eyes), but we both knew it was time for her to shed the cutesy name and step into her elevated brand identity.

The Inspiration

Natalie came into the collaboration with a clear intention for what she wanted for her new website. Speaking candidly in my discovery questionnaire, Natalie spoke my love language: “People see my brand primarily as a travel blog. I’d like to change that perception and become more of a lifestyle brand that encourages all things related to creativity with clearly defined services.” I couldn’t wait to dive into the recreation of her website from Pastels and Passports to Natalie Anastasia. Enter dreamy inspiration in 3, 2 , 1…


Favorite Elements

It would be unfair of me to say this website is my all-time fave because all of my clients websites have been so wonderfully and carefully designed… but let me say this: Natalie’s website is most closely linked to my personal style. I simply cannot get over the blush color palette, feminine script font, watercolor brushes, and interactive RewardStyle shop widgets. If you take a peek at her Blog Sidebar, you’ll see what I mean!


More specifically, I love these elements of Natalie’s website:

  • Dreamy, feminine color palette – 50 shades of blush
  • Eye-catching lifestyle imagery like her home decor photos!
  • RewardStyle shop slider on blog sidebar… this is worth another mention


“I love the colors and design elements! The layout and brush strokes are simply stunning <3”


The Final Product

Ready to see what Natalie’s new website is all about? Head to to view the live version!

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