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One of the best ways to show credibility in your photography business is to include persuasive client testimonials.

But it’s not enough to hope that your client sends you a gushing review. 

It’s time to start guiding your clients to give you mind-blowing testimonials that help you book your dream clients for years to come! 

Wedding photographer taking photos of bride and groom on grass

How would it feel to receive client testimonials that sound like this…

  • “Working with you was one of the best decisions I’ve made!” (shoutout to my client Wisehart Photography for saying that about me!)
  • “Everything was effortless from start to finish. I felt comfortable and confident! Hands down, a 5-star experience!
  • “We’ll cherish the photographs you took of our wedding for the rest of our lives.”

Probably a lot better than receiving word jumble that doesn’t persuade future clients to book with you. Right? 

Why You Need Client Testimonials

Aside from booking more clients, you need client testimonials to show credibility and prove that you know what you’re doing.

Let’s be honest. You’re not just some random person with a face, right?

You’re a professional photographer who provides high-quality services.

Beyond that, you’re a trusted expert in the photography industry.

And most importantly, you’re THE ONE for your perfect-fit clients.

Now let’s say you’re an adventure elopement photographer…

Your clients are not only looking for a photographer to shoot their adventure elopement, they’re looking for signs that you’re the perfect fit for them.

What better way to the heart of what your clients need than by sharing the transformation you have provided for others just like them?

How to Get Client Testimonials

There are many ways to collect kind words from your clients, but here are some of my favorite methods!

  • Send a questionnaire on Typeform
  • Follow up with previous clients to get an update on how they are doing
  • DM clients on Instagram and ask if you can use screenshots of their kind words
  • Link out to your Google My Business profile for an official review

>> Not sure what Google My Business is all about? Check out this post to help setup your profile!

Questions to Ask Clients for Testimonials

It might be tempting to give your clients full “creative freedom” to share their thoughts about working with you. But it’s actually more beneficial if you share prompts or questions.

Why? Because no one likes looking at a blank page! Suddenly you’re stuck with a lot of “you’re so fun!” empty testimonials that have nothing to do with the value you provide.

Try asking these questions to get more focused responses:

  • What was your favorite part about working together?
  • Share any results or transformations have you experienced?
  • If you were to recommend me to a friend, what would you say?
  • How was the photography experience for you?

How to Ask for a Client Testimonial

You might freeze when it comes time to send out your request. Don’t worry! Your client isn’t going to find you weird for asking for their kind words. If anything, they should be excited to share!

In any case, below you’ll find a done-for-you email script you can copy & paste!

Hi [client name]!

Thank you so much for choosing me to share your adventure elopement [or specific service you were hired to do]!

I had a blast capturing your special day. I LOVED how you [memorable thing they did] and I can’t wait to work together again in the future!

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on our time together? Feel free to [click here] to answer a couple of quick questions.

Thank you – it means the world!

[your name]

What your clients say about you can make or break your photography business.

But with the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to receiving mind-blowing social proof that you can use for years to come!

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