Everything Mouse

Everything Mouse is a collection of highly researched, informative and visually appealing content. Whilst the emphasis is on Disney, you will find many words of wisdom about sailing on cruises and traveling around North America and Europe. When Alison first came to me for a Website Redesign, she had been using her basic website theme for 10 years. Together, we completely ditched the default and created a totally-custom design in collaboration with developer Kelsey Barmettler to bring the whole project to life. With the majority of her revenue generated from tasteful and relevant ads, we ensured that the website was optimized for Mediavine ads and automatic ad placements.


“I had spent so many years just tolerating the look of my site because I thought I had to. Now I have a beautiful site which I am so inspired to write for. My traffic is up 20% since last year and I recently had the BEST DAY in ad revenue ever.”


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