Elen Pradera

We created this boho website design for Elen Pradera, a travel planner who creates travel guides and itineraries. We moved her away from a Squarespace template to a custom creation on WordPress with more flexibility and capability to #BlogSmarterNotHarder.

The most interesting and unique part of this website design? The website is in 2 languages! That’s right — all of her pages, blog posts and categories are seamlessly translated between English and Brazilian Portuguese. This was a fresh (and fun!) challenge for me and I’m delighted with the final result.

Check out Elen Pradera’s travel planning website.

My old website wasn’t working for me, as I was struggling with the restrict options available at Squarespace. It was pretty much a page with a bunch of text, difficult to navigate and not very user-friendly… I reached out because I wanted a design that would work for me, highlighting everything I could offer. I loved how you took what I had and created something magical!

– elen pradera, travel planner

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