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With all the talk of shadow banning, ghosting, bots and the algorithm, you wouldn’t be the only one starting to wonder about the trustworthiness of Instagram.

When your career is contingent on creating content to share with your audience, the idea of losing followers, reach, or even your entire feed is a very scary thought.

If you’re serious about monetizing your content, collaborating with brands, and establishing yourself as a leader, there’s one platform that trumps them all: your own personal website and blog.

Why your blog is more valuable than Instagram

1 – You own your website.

If Instagram were to shut down, there’s no guarantee that your content or followers would be saved or retrieved. Having your own blog ensures that your content is kept under your watch, not at the mercy of a free social media platform. With a good hosting company like Siteground* you can keep recent backups to ensure that you’ll never lose your most important content.

2 – You can monetize your content.

When it comes to monetizing your content, Instagram has a few approaches. Sponsored posts, apps like LiketoKnowIt, and product filters for business accounts are great, but they can’t exactly run passively or sustainably. In contrast, your website can have affiliate links, advertisements, online shops, and even membership sites or courses.



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3 – You can write long-form content.

Captions, captions, captions. We’re always finding ways to get more creative with how we organize the text. Line breaks, characters, emojis, anything to make it easier to read, right? Your own blog allows you to write more content, break it up with headings, and embed images, making this a more lucrative sell for brands. Not to mention the ability to categorize your content for easier reading.

4 – You can link out to other blogs.

One of the biggest downsides of Instagram is the dreaded link in bio. You might be lucky enough to have the coveted “swipe up” feature, but even that requires you to be constantly linking out. Blog posts and pages give you the opportunity to link out to multiple places at once, without overwhelming or annoying your audience.