Angela Liguori is a freelance adventure photographer, digital storyteller and outdoor lover from the Pacific Northwest. Fueled by her passion for adventure, travel and the great outdoors, Angela shares her inspiration and knowledge with her community of over 320,000 social media followers. When Angela first came to me to redesign her blog, she was focused on creating a space where she could supplement her thriving social media presence and share more in-depth hiking, gear, and travel content. So we packed her bags, moved her away from Squarespace, and created a totally custom experience on WordPress! Working with Angela reinforced why I love what I do… honestly, there’s no better feeling than working with someone who shares a love for adventure and travel.

“Gariele is so talented, so detail-oriented, and you can tell right away how much she cares. I honestly didn’t give her that much direction… yet somehow she made a website that was absolutely perfect for my small business!”

Angela Liguori

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