The Mandagies

We created a show-stopping adventure blog website design for The Mandagies. Run by Emily and Berty, The Mandagies is an adventure travel blog specializing in outdoor hikes, camping, road trips and destination guides. Collaborating alongside web developer Kelsey Barmettler, we transformed this larger-than-life adventure blog into a custom creation optimized for high traffic, lightning-fast speed, and optimized ads.

Check out their adventure blog here. Be sure to subscribe to their free resource library which is full of goodies for planning your adventures and getting the most out of your travels!

Working with you has taught us to trust professionals and hand off tasks to people who can do it quicker and better. The whole process was professional and enjoyable. We never once worried about it, and we were able to focus on other parts of our business [while you designed]. You are a magic maker!


About the adventure bloggers

The Mandagies is an adventure blog that specializes in Pacific Northwest adventures, travel guides, and hiking tips. The adventure blog was founded in 2016 by Emily and Berty, a married couple based in Spokane, Washington. Since then, they have grown their adventure blog into a leading authority in the outdoor adventure space. Each month, they receive hundreds of thousands of visitors who are looking for adventure inspiration and help planning their PNW adventures.

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