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As a small business owner, I know the importance of staying organized and productive. But I can’t do everything on my own! That’s why I get a little help from my friends (the automated ones, that is). Check out these Chrome extensions for small business owners.

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly is hands down my number one most used Google Chrome extension. Although I consider myself to be a strong writer, I still make spelling and grammatical errors. Grammarly catches these mistakes as I type, which allows me to make real-time edits.

My favourite Grammarly feature is its tone detector, which lets you know what your writing may sound like to readers. I find it especially useful when I’m reading or sending emails. The tone detection holds me accountable to ensure that my content sounds friendly, confident, and helpful (or whatever tone I’m hoping to achieve!)

You’ll love the Grammarly Chrome extension if you:

  • Would like to become a better writer who makes less typos and mistakes
  • Spend a lot of time writing captions, emails, and blog posts and need light proofreading
  • Care about how your words are perceived by others in different scenarios
Grammarly is one of the best Chrome extensions for small business owners who want to become better writers

Bookmark Sidebar: the best bookmark folder Chrome extension for small business owners

Say goodbye to messy bookmark folders with Bookmark Sidebar, a streamlined collection of folders that keeps your saved links organized. With a drag-and-drop interface, you can easily move your links to different folders.

It’s also fully customizable, which I appreciate as a website designer. That being said, if you appreciate a simpler approach, you can just add your brand colours and leave the default settings. The extension looks pretty great without any customizations, too!

You’ll love the Bookmark Sidebar Chrome extension if you:

  • Save a lot of bookmarks on your browser (without rhyme or reason!)
  • Want to organize your bookmarks and keep your browser tidy
  • Need help finding links you’ve saved before or regularly visit
Bookmark Sidebar organizes your saved bookmarks in Google Chrome

Emoji Keyboard by Joypixels

Add some personality to your writing with the Emoji Keyboard extension for Google Chrome. If you’re a big fan of emojis, like I am, you’ll appreciate this fun Chrome extension.

You might be thinking, “but my computer has built-in emojis!” — and you’d be totally right. But who has the brainpower to remember every keyboard shortcut? And who even wants to risk pressing a random button while they’re crafting an important email? Not I, that’s for sure. I’ll be sticking to the trusty Chrome extension lest I prematurely hit send 😂

You’ll love the Emoji Keyboard Chrome extension if you:

  • Enjoy using emojis to show your mood, excitement and personality
  • Want to jazz up your emails, captions and blog posts with fun faces
  • Typically use emojis on your phone and want to have them on your computer, too!
Emoji Keyboard is a Google Chrome extension for easily using emojis

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LastPass: Free Password Manager

This list of the best Chrome extensions for small business owners would not be complete without mentioning a password manager like LastPass. This secure Chrome extension lets you manage your passwords in a safe vault, share passwords with others, and keep your passwords protected in one place.

Honestly, I’m getting overwhelmed by all of the passwords I need to create and manage on a regular basis. Especially since nowadays, every password needs to be a combination of letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, crossword puzzles, unsolvable riddles… who can keep track of them all?!

As a website designer, I use LastPass for sharing passwords with my clients and team members. This extension comes in particularly handy when I’m logging into multiple websites and hosting accounts in a day but don’t want to mix up any passwords.

You’ll love the LastPass Chrome extension if you:

  • Plan to share passwords with team members or collaborators
  • Need to keep your passwords protected in one place for easy access
  • Have a hard time remembering your passwords and their variations
LastPass is a free password manager extension for Google Chrome

Loom: the best screen recorder Chrome extension for small business owners

Loom plays an integral role in my website design process. I use it to send video walkthroughs of new design concepts with my clients so they can receive important information, view the design in real-time, and even read a transcript of the recording. Loom helps me and my client save time, as a short video can answer questions a lot better than a confusing email ever could!

Need to record something other than your Chrome browser? You’re in luck because Loom has a desktop version, too! I’ve used both versions but I tend to stick with the Chrome extension primarily, as that’s my browser of choice.

You’ll love the Loom Chrome extension if you:

  • Send video recordings to clients or team members
  • Want to save time by skipping the long-winded emails
  • Care about sharing your ideas in a simple, effective method
Loom is a Chrome extension for small business owners that lets you record your screen

Chrome extensions for small business owners are here to shake up the game.

I have no doubt that any of these extensions will be a game-changer in your business! Be sure to follow me on Instagram at @dreamworthydesign to let me know which extension made the biggest impact on your biz!